[lazarus] Compile fails: FORMS not found.

Nikolai Zhubr s001 at hotbox.ru
Sat Jun 1 13:48:14 EDT 2002

Yes, 'make' fixed the problem. Thanks a lot.
BTW. I looked at the executable file size for a simplest project
and was surprised how large it is, compared to that produced by Delphi.
Almost 10 times or so. Not that I'm going to criticize this, but just
curious, is it a real necessity or it could be optimized in future?
Best regards,
 Nikolai Zhubr

Saturday, 01 June, 2002, 20:01:54, lazarus at miraclec.com wrote:
> On Sat, 1 Jun 2002 02:33:03 +0400
> Nikolai Zhubr <s001 at hotbox.ru> wrote:

>> Hi,
>> Perhaps it's a very stupid newbie question, but still I haven't
>> found it in FAQs so i'll ask.
>> I've just downloaded lazarus binaries and fpc and tried to compile
>> some minimal (1 button) project. But, compile fails with a message
>> about FORMS unit not found. I've downloaded lazarus sources as well,
>> but i have a feeling that souces should not be necessary for compile
>> as 'Compiler options -> other unit files' referes to lcl/units
>> directory which already contains compiled units. So, it looks like
>> fpc somewhy refuses to see them. (The same thing happens when starting
>> fpc directly with all those dirs mentioned in -Fu)
>> Any hints appreciated.

> There is probably a conflict between your fpc version and the fpc version used for building the binary.
> Plz download the lazarus sources (cvs or snapshot) and compile them manually:

> bash
> export CVSROOT=:pserver:cvs at cvs.freepascal.org:/FPC/CVS 
> cvs login

> the password is 'cvs'

> cvs -z3 checkout lazarus
> make clean all

> Mattias

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