[lazarus] New Win32 binary available

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Wed Jun 5 15:47:16 EDT 2002

Jorge A. Giraldo wrote:

> Keith,
>>The IDE doesn't work yet.  And the window you see is the splash screen;
>>I did have the beginning of code to paint the pixmap, but it's been
>>commented out of the code.  Maybe in the future, a cross-platform image
>>solution can be found.
> In the prior w32 install I could see all the IDE, actually I can see only
> the main form, without the source editor, without the Object inspector and
> without the components at the top.  I don't think this is what you expected,
> Am I wrong?

Make sure you are talking apples and apples here. At this point there a 
two different Win32 binaries available. The on in the download section 
of the web site points to a sample binary I built which uses the latest 
alpha GTK-Win32 libraries. This was to show that as the Win32-GTK 
libraries get more stable the GTK version of Lazarus will be able to be 
used in the Win32 environment.

Keith is working on the native Win32-API version of Lazarus. This still 
has some sticky points and various parts that are still in development. 
We are hoping that the native Win32-API version will start to get more 
stable so that we are not dependent on the port of GTK to windows which 
isn't very stable.  :-\

I'm sure Keith would appreciate all the help he can get with the 
Win32-API Interface.

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