[lazarus] New nightly build format of Linux binary

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Wed Jun 12 18:09:05 EDT 2002


I have modified how the nightly build is produced.

In the past I made .tar.gz and .zip files that contained the binary 
version of the Lazarus IDE and the .o and .ppu files for all of the 
units. This is fine if and only if the user is using the same version of 
the compiler that I am. If they are using a different version then the 
IDE will try to find the unit source files so that it can rebuild the units.

This means the user must get the files from ftp or check them out of 
CVS. A waste of time and double the effort since they are required then 
to rebuild the units anyway.

So now instead of the object files being in the nightly builds, the 
source files are. This means that the first order of business when 
downloading the nightly build is to just 'Build Lazarus' from the Tools 
menu. Be sure to build everything.

This will insure that your version of the units matches and works with 
the version of the compiler that you have installed. The other benefit 
is the fact that the source files compress much better than the object 
files and the tar and zip files are almost half the size so you can 
download it faster.

If you use the nightly build and it complains trying to rebuild the IDE 
please notify the list so that I can check to see if I have failed to 
include some new files in the build.

Happy coding.

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Michael A. Hess      Miracle Concepts, Inc.
mhess at miraclec.com   http://www.miraclec.com

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