[lazarus] Form editing: Undo/Redo

Florian Klaempfl Florian.Klaempfl at gmx.de
Thu Jun 20 06:23:11 EDT 2002

At 00:01 20.06.2002 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I want to implement Undo/Redo for the form editing, but I'm not sure how 
>this should be done.
>Normally an undolist just keeps tracks of the changes. But for example 
>moving a control can result in changing other controls and many other 
>things. So, for a correct undo, one have to stream the form after every 
>move/resize/add/delete/change property operation. Or is there a better way?

Hmmm, the stream seems to be a little bit inefficient :) but it should give 
a very good result
(not very "error prone") and it should be easy to implement. So why not?

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