[lazarus] Newbie Q : Can't find classes.pas...

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Fri Jun 28 11:02:00 EDT 2002

On 29 Jun 2002 00:46:48 +1000
David Creelman <dave at geko.net.au> wrote:

> > Also you mentioned, that you just copied gtk.pp. I guess you ment gtk.ppu.
> Yes.
> > What about the other files in the /usr/lib/fpc/1.0.6/units/linux/gtk/ directory?
> Yes I couldn't get it to compile until I copied over the .ppu to the
> ./lcl/units/gtk/ directory. The Makefile didn't seem to find them. I
> looked at the directions in the FAQ and everything was okay, so I
> thought I'd try copying the .ppus and it worked.....

Hmm. You are now the third person with the gtk.ppu problem. It seems, that the compiler sometimes don't like it's own units. It always disappears mysteriously. Can you add the -va option to your fpc.cfg and do a 'make clean all' and send me the log plz? Perhaps I find out what the problem is.
This 'make clean all' should erase your .ppus in lcl/units/gtk.

> > > I don't have too much spare time, but I'd like to tinker. What needs
> > > doing ?
> > 
> > A lot of things. 
> > Do you like to help with the IDE (form editing, codetools, source editor, debugger, documentation), the LCL (components, images, docs) or the interfaces (components, images, docs)?
> Are events working ? I tried to setup a FormShow event and it didn't
> seem to work....
> Form editing sounds interesting. There are lots of todos in
> customformeditor.pas, the code looks pretty complicated. I'll give it a
> go though.

It would be nice, if you would send me comments/notes/annotations for the code. So that the next one will have it easier to participate. 

> Is this where I'd start looking ?

Yes. Almost all form editing code can be found in the designer/ directory and in customformeditor.pp and main.pp. I'm currently busy with the gtk2 bindings, but I hope to return to the form editing next week.

> ....Also is there a unit test suite set up ???

No. But we definitely need one. Does anyone know a nice one?


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