[lazarus] Web site and Splash image +leopard??

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Wed Mar 6 11:10:45 EST 2002

+ From: Liebrecht at gateway [mailto:Liebrecht at gateway]On Behalf
+ Of Liebrecht Venter
+ Marc Weustink wrote:
+ > There were some problems with the current implementation if
+ > TGDBDebugger and is therefore replaced by a different approach.
+ > I'll have to do some final testing, but I expect the new
+ > source in CVS soon.
+ >
+ > Marc
+ Is there anyway I can help to get it speeded up?

I'm afraid not at the moment. Some core functionality (like run a program)
has to be finished before I put it in CVS, otherwise it has no use.

+ ....man the Kylix "wine" window behaviour is becoming
+ irritating. It is at default "Raise  when traversed"
+ which creates a mess on FVVM and Afterstep.

Hmm... I don't know if the initial Lazarus debugger would do better :-)

+ I have no experience with gdb,  but what is the advice you
+ can give me to try and look into it and see if I cannot be of any help?


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