[lazarus] New New Lazarus Logo

Liebrecht Venter Lrven at attglobal.net
Wed Mar 6 14:51:06 EST 2002

"Michael A. Hess" wrote:

> Greetings,
> Yes I have made yet another new Logo for the Lazarus project. One which
> I think is more appropriate. Someone mentioned using the cheetah which
> actually makes more sense. I had previously made the logo with Tux but
> Lazarus isn't just for Linux. It is for Win32, FreeBSD, etc. The logo
> should represent that. So now the logo uses the cheetah as it's main
> character. It contains the Delphi goemetric objects and one of the
> columns from the Delphi site. The column is one of the remaining columns
> from "The Sacred Way" at the Delphi site. Kinda of appropriate.  ;-)
> Also it is now all original art or at least in no way a copyright
> infringment in anyway.
> Check it out here:
>     http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/images/lazarus_logo.jpg
> Let me know what you think.
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As an outsider, I think it is good to stick with one theme..the Cheetah
idea propagated makes sense. Tux also does not makes sense for other
distributions.....however I would love to see a Tux as a white-marble
bust-sculpture "ala Socrates or Plato" ...for laughs.

I guess I stirred enough for today but I could not help noticing..
Regarding the new logo
I particularly like the hind-leg.....in anticipation of lifting and could
not help thinking about the following subscript.
"We pee-pee on delphi "

Anyway...I guess you guys dont share my take on humor but it was quite
obvious whn I looked at it. As one of your Lazarus/FPK  "consumers and
users" I like the logo...it probably will be altered slightly but it makes
some sense binding Delphi-Free Pascal.

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