[lazarus] About logo

Matjaz Mihelic matooo at email.si
Thu Mar 7 20:00:04 EST 2002

Michael A. Hess wrote:
3C87F2D6.DCB8BE17 at miraclec.com">
  Matjaz Mihelic wrote:
    Not to think I'm not pleased by that change. Looks nice, but it wouldbe a shame, that logo would make excuse to take on such great project.p.s. This logo is nicer but even more provocative than last, if you askme.
    Which one are you refering to???My first attempt using the Delphi 4 graphic or the new original art workusing the cheetah? The second one is the one we are using. I'm afraid Idon't understand your concerns with it.   :-\
in case of fonts.. all of them.
But I think cheetah is too aggresive, since you put cheetah over symbols
that clearly define Borland (stone >> Delphi) (the other product is
clearly resource workshop or object vision shapes in the air) (fonts borland).
Penguin under Athena disguise was less ofensive. 
I was reffering from watching legal cases over less intrusion (Krayon >>
Crayon) (Windows >> LindowsOS) If you'd look on borland page you'd
see that all logotypes and names that I specify are registred trademarks.
Again to be said this is my legal opinion looking from the points of legal
cases that happend in last few months over less than that.
If you're ok, I'm cool, since I like logo very much. This was my observation
and not criticism.

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