[lazarus] CVS changes

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Sat Mar 23 12:31:39 EST 2002


Some more ListView and debugger updates:

  * Honoured the UseLaunchingApplication checkbox
     Now if you don't set check the checkbox, the Launching
     app won't be used (this can be useful when using the debugger)

  + Added locals dialog
     Now you can watch local variables while debugging.

  * Modified breakpoints dialog (load as resource)
     Added popupmeenu to enable, disable items.
     For now, only breakpoints which are added during debugging wil
     be shown (=bug)

  + Added generic debuggerdlg class

  = Reorganized main.pp, all debbugger related routines are moved
    to include/ide_debugger.inc
     Easier to maintain, less CVS merge conflicts etc.

  * Fixed more Listview compatebility issues (Sort, SelectedItem)


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