[lazarus] Online Help?

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Thu Mar 28 09:51:12 EST 2002

Denis Leger wrote:
> > What is the state of the help editor and help viewer?
> I've finished (yesterday !) the translation of gtkhtml from C to
> Pascal.

Excellent! I didn't realize that someone else had already started on
> I don't work on a help editor, but it's not necessary, almost everyone
> on this list said me that we need html format for the help files...

The viewer was the most important.

As to the editor here is what I am up to. I am working on the new web
site and incorporating this into the site. I plan on using either fpdoc
or pasdoc to generate the actual help files. However we need a convient
repository for the actual help information. fpDoc stores the help data
in an XML file that is parsed against the source code to build the
documentation. This is nice but the writing of this XML file isn't all
that pretty and then it also makes it more inconvient for everyone to
add to or modify the documentation.

I am working on writting an interface for the web site that allows you
to input and edit help content. This content will then be stored in a
MySQL database. To start I will then dynamically generate the XML file
for fpDoc to process. May be in the future we can process the help files
directly from the MySQL with a modified version of fpDoc or another tool
that we design for the job.

However at this point I have to have the web site finished first. I am
currently working on the Bug Tracker which is almost complete. Then I
can finish on the documentation currently used and add the editor tool.

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