[lazarus] New web site is live!

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Tue May 7 09:23:58 EDT 2002

Marco van de Voort wrote:

>>>I don't mean to be critical, but it seems really slow. 
>>You are not being critical. You are correct and I am not sure why right 
>>now. I am trying to figure out what is dragging down the server.
> It is getting somewhat faster. 

Why is that whenever you try to announce new things or get something 
like this up an running THAT is when you also have hardware go goofy. I 
will be getting some replacement parts today which I hope will improve 
the server response.

> Some notes:
> - I can't vote (or do I have to be logged in for that?

Yeah, you have to register to vote.

> - No date on the screenshot page any more. Date of content on websites is IMHO
> very important.

Hmmm. You mean when the last time a screenshot was added. That date is 
stored in the database so I should be able to add that to the screen 
shot page itself. I'm not sure I can add it to the Menu (not sure I want 
to). What I might be able to do is add it to the roll overs for the menu 
items. Now that would be neat.

I'll look into it.

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