[lazarus] New web site is live!

Chris cryst at golden.net
Wed May 8 22:59:29 EDT 2002

umm, a problem with the site I've run across. I tried to register (and
thought everything went through ok) but never received the email. So today I
tried the "lost your password" thing to try to get it to send me the
password. Then I realized what the problem was. my email address that I used
was my company one, and it is longer then the email address field allows.
(So it might be wrong in the registry as well). How do I go about fixing


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> Chris wrote:
> > I don't mean to be critical, but it seems really slow.
> You are not being critical. You are correct and I am not sure why right
> now. I am trying to figure out what is dragging down the server.
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