[lazarus] Proper Lazarus installation

Satan das-ende-ist-nah at gmx.net
Mon May 20 06:41:12 EDT 2002

On Mon, 20 May 2002 11:27:17 +0200
Mattias Gaertner <nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I think, the current 'make install' has some drawbacks.
> 1. The term 'install' is not very good. It is a run only installation without sources.
> 2. The ppu/o files are splitted up into /usr/local/lib/{lcl,codetools,synedit}. How can the Makefile.fpc be changed to combine them under a lazarus dir?
> 3. The IDE needs the sources. IMO lazarus is not a standard application which just needs a binary and some resource files. A development environment needs the sources as examples and for coders to look up, what is not documented (that is at the moment nearly everything).
> So, a proper installation of the IDE is:
> - the complete source tree
> - a link to /usr/bin/lazarus
> - some default option files in /etc/
> Comments!

sorry for being such stupid, what do you mean with /usr/local/lib/{lcl,codetools,synedit}?
i don't think i have anything in /usr/local/lib/ and at the moment i do not want any lazarus files to be there
and of course i don't want any lazarus stuff in my /etc/
plz enlighten a stupid creature like me and tell me what the problem is with the existing installation process (or is this just an issue for making a lazarus multi-user installation?)


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