[lazarus] Proper Lazarus installation

Satan das-ende-ist-nah at gmx.net
Tue May 21 06:33:48 EDT 2002

> These locations should only be used for .RPM package (even though this 
> RPM would not be a part of the distro.

where do you got the idea that these are only for .RPM packages (btw not every distro uses RPM)?


'Any program or package which contains or requires data that doesn't need to be modified should store that data in /usr/share (or /usr/local/share, if installed locally). It is recommended that a subdirectory be used in /usr/share for this purpose.' 
this would mean that your /usr/local/share is ok, but i would like to see it in /usr/share since it is common to install stuff there (and as i quoted there is no difference if it is a package or program)
i think we should place it just where most people want it

> Locally compiled stuff should always default to /usr/local/share and 
> /usr/local/lib respectively.

another quote:

'/usr/lib includes object files, libraries, and internal binaries that are not intended to be executed directly by users or shell scripts.

Applications may use a single subdirectory under /usr/lib. If an application uses a subdirectory, all architecture-dependent data exclusively used by the application must be placed within that subdirectory.'

so i think there is no prob with this dir

but you are right that fhs says it should not must :) be installed to /usr/local (either /lib or /share for our purpose) to avoid it being overwritten by system updates
since i don't think that anything in my /usr dir ever got overwritten by system updates i want stuff in the directories i mentioned in my first mail, just because they are common 
if you people want it in /usr/local so it follows the fhs put it there i think it's only little difference

but when i see things like this:

'For historical reasons, /usr/lib/sendmail must be a symbolic link to /usr/sbin/sendmail if the latter exists'

i don't know if it's better to go the fhs way or the common way

comments, please

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