[lazarus] Lazarus Timeline?

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Tue May 21 14:55:58 EDT 2002

Matthew Bradford wrote:

> I was just wondering if there was a date in the foreseeable future when
> Lazarus would be complete?

Picking a date would be next to impossible. The problem is due to lack 
of developers. There are very few of us and even the few of us can only 
contribute off and on as the year goes along. Right now the majority of 
the work is being done by Mattias and Marc. Last year at this time it 
was a different set and probably next year at this time it will be still 
another set. When we originally started Lazarus we didn't invision that 
it would have even took this long but alas it has. So to pick a date as 
to it's completion is very problematic.

> And until then... any clues as to when the menu creator might be well..
> created?

Maybe you can lend a hand with writing it.  :-)

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