[lazarus] At last, it is usable. Great

÷ÁÓÉÌÉÊ Vasily.Volchenko at mstu.edu.ru
Thu May 23 04:20:26 EDT 2002

OK, it's now usable. Components, events and installation are ok. Another
great advantage - it uses official fpc version. Some disadvantages:
1. There is no patching system as an alternative of CVS. Might be, I'll
make such inofficial system.
2. Absence of  TScrollBox is one of the greatest problems
3. TPicture.LoadFromFile fails in bitmap.inc,pixmap.inc... I'll try to
find a bug.
4. Running+debugging is not supported. Is somewhat about xxgdb including
so difficult?
  Or (idea!) just lighting run-time error line? Besides, it is not a
great problem
5. A number of unical units make lcl incompartible both with vcl and
6. Difficulties with dpr reading and even including pas+dfm/xfm units.
Might be, some simple translators will be usefull. Besides, it is my own
7. Stability is not full.
8. gtk widget is not a best choice. The idea of fpgui was better. But
there are problems with popups there
9. Editor does not support full font filter. Besides, there are problems
with national keymappings.

Now I'm translating my RED editor from clx to lcl.

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