[lazarus] At last, it is usable. Great

Stefan. Hille stoppok at muenster.de
Sat May 25 05:53:07 EDT 2002


On Fri, May 24, 2002 at 08:10:13AM -0400, Michael A. Hess wrote:
> Why is this better or even desired over CVS???
> How will you determine what exactly needs to go into the patch????

I think we could use cvs to produce the patch file. I have'nt done it
before but it should by using a "cvs rdiff". For example:

  cvs rdiff -D "2002-05-20" -D "2002-05-25" lazarus > patch1
produces a diff between the 2 dates given as argument. Note usage of
"rdiff" instead of "diff" which avoids the need for a working copy of

Some more notes:

  * A command like this could be set up in a cron job
  * It could be useful to also include a specific time into the -D options
    (eg.: -D "2002-05-20 23:59:59 GMT")
  * There's one problem which can result in a version of lazarus which is
    not compilable. This would happen if a developer commits changes 
    file by file and the changes depend on each other. E.g.
     - first file  committed at 23:59:50
     - second file committed at 00:01:02  the next day 


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