[lazarus] How to do a cast in fpc (i'm just stuck in doors)

marius popa mapopa at reea.net
Wed May 29 16:56:43 EDT 2002

Want to do a cast from "VOID_POINTER" to "TFIBBASE" because 
of this  error :

Compiling fibdatabase.pp
fibdatabase.pp(529,22) Error: Incompatible types: got "VOID_POINTER" expected "TFIBBASE"
fibdatabase.pp(568,26) Error: Incompatible types: got "VOID_POINTER" expected "TFIBTRANSACTION"

and here is my 529 offensing line :

function TFIBDatabase.GetDataSet(Index: Integer): TFIBBase;
  result := FDataSets[Index];

where TFIBase is :
  TFIBBase = class(TObject)
    FDatabase: TFIBDatabase;
and FDataSets is declared :

  FDataSets           : TList;

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