[lazarus] Classes and shared objects

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Wed Nov 6 05:41:57 EST 2002

> You can avoid this easily on Linux by using versioning, like in .so
> files. So you would end up with:
> lib/lazvcl.0.9.8.so
> lib/lazvcl.1.0.3.so
> lib/lazvcl.1 -> lazvcl.1.0.3 (symlink)
> lib/lazvcl.0 -> lazvcl.0.9.8 (symlink)
> lib/lazvcl.so -> lazvcl.1 (symlink)

FYI, there is also an internal .so numbering, use objdump to display it.
IIRC this is the value put in the executable when linking the program to a
shared library.

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