[lazarus] Just another bug

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Thu Nov 7 10:51:28 EST 2002

On Wed, 06 Nov 2002 18:42:07 +0300
"Vasily I. Volchenko" <Vasily.Volchenko at mstu.edu.ru> wrote:

> > > but last lazarus versions have rejected the fpc path.
> >
> > Rejected? What was the path and what was the error message?
> The path was /usr/src/fpc-1.0.7, then /usr/src/fpc-1.0.6, then
> /usr/src/fpc-1.0.7/ and then /usr/src/fpc (there was an fpc-1.1), and then
> /f (at first nothing, then symlink). 

This too much try and see. I will add some code to give some warnings about
wrong fpc sources.

> The result was the same. In two-weeks ver,
> it was a message in messages that SysUtils (from founded and opened
> forms.pp) not found. In current - just Aborted (or Abort) after dash-line

I fixed the abort bug.
But I'm still not sure, why the codetools don't like your fpc sources.
Hopefully we will find out, when I have added the warnings.


> (-------------). Recompiling lazarus, fpc, cleanup resulted in nothing.
> The message-box asked me to change source code. Course, everything was
> done on empty form of new project. In last version doubleclicking resulted
> in Abort, and direct OI event changes resulted in lazarus die.
> > Because the fpc sources are full of IFDEFs the codetools can't parse
> > them without the makros. So, the compiler filename _must_ be valid.
> I'll check it. But it seems that it was correct
> >
> > > Or it is just a bug?
> >
> > Maybe. But I need more information.
> > The exact paths in the environment options.
> Compiler path was as I said. ppc386 - can't remember - but must be
> correct. But it need checking. Debugger - gdb and then none. Lazarus -
> /usr/src/pascal/lazarus
> I'll try standard version anyway.
> Besides, a month (and less, of course) ago everything worked fine.
> > > Besides, very last version (yesterday) messaged only Abort without
> > > unit.
> >
> > Just 'Abort'?
> Or Aborted. Can't remember.
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