[lazarus] Printer unit attached

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Tue Nov 12 16:33:33 EST 2002

Well, I got a basic pen and brush property functioning with color and
pattern / fill support.  A fill pattern contains it's own
TPostScriptCanvas that you can draw on (probably using other fills to
make more complex objects) and can be attached to the Brush or Pen
property of a canvas for use.

I need someone a little more familiar with PostScript to look at the
TPSPen.AsString function.  I can't get "Uncolored" patterns to work.  If
you specify that a pattern will not contain it's own colors, and try to
use it, postscript spews errors.  Colored patterns work just fine.  I've
compared against some sample code I have but my brain is just fried on
this one.

Because of the way postscript works I'm using the same object for both
pen and brush right now, but the next step is to make the pen handle
movements of the cursor and that will then change.

I separated the postscript code from the hacked TPrinter object code
into a unit called "ps.pas"



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