[lazarus] Add lcl component

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Wed Nov 13 12:24:05 EST 2002

Well this works awesome!

I've updated the TCheckBook component to be the latest version used in
CBTracker and included it and all but one of my other components into a
single package.  If you are playing with the TCheckBook component from
my site, you'll want to download this because it has TONS of new


I am going to delete all the pages and downloads for the individual
components and only offer them in this package, so if you want to remove
the links from the Lazarus website (all but the TMCalEdit control), now
would be a good time...

This includes a customidecomps.suggested.pas file that if renamed and
all of this dumped into the right directory handles all the

All components include icons.  I found KIconEdit to be a great tool for
making these...

I can't get the tmcaledit component to work right in the designer, but I
haven't spent any time on it yet.  For some reason when you run your app
it would always show up at 0,0.  I also need to hide the onchange event,
and I can't figure out how to do that.  The old Delphi tricks don't seem
to work.  I'll probably just override the onchange event definition
later so that I can handle it the way I need.  Not a priority though, so
it will be a while.


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