[lazarus] TLGrid: A Grid component for lazarus

andrew johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 15 09:40:34 EST 2002

yes.. its coming along nicely! Much faster then last time. I would say
for now.. keep at it yourself, since I cannot guarantee how much time I
can work on any of it, it will probably be faster if you just assume for
now I won't be able to help. Try to make it as compatible as possible to
>=D4 TCustomGrid, and then making TDrawGrid and TStringGrid(also
compatible with Delphi) will be easy. The reason I say keep as close to
Delpi as possible with this is there are a lot of grids out there based
on TCustomGrid. If we can make the Lazarus one as compatible as possible
most of them should port fairly clean, so long as they don't do a lot of
Win32 specific stuff. Which may also mean that we won't have to actually
code a lot to get other extended grids(like DBGrid when available),
because we can simply ask the permission of one of the other authors to
use their grid, or simply use it if its already open-source. 


On Thu, 2002-11-14 at 21:08, Jesus Reyes wrote:
> Hi, Here is a grid component for lazarus, this is a
> preeliminar release, very alpha. but maybe it can be
> useful for somebody. See the included test to get
> started.
> WARNING: I haven't test it fully :)
> Currently it features:
> Cell[], ColCount, RowCount, FixedCols, FixedRows
> ColWidths[], RowHeights[], GridColor, RowSelect, 
> base editor, Partially grid scrolling (You can scroll
> through scrollbars, but Selection can't reposition the
> bars yet), Keyboard Movement, user events, Etc.
> I'm looking forward to T(Draw,String)Grid
> compatibility, ¿can someone post current interface?. 
> I know Andrew is working on components, if he likes
> it, feel free to take any part you like or all of it,
> just tell me so work dont get duplicated. 
> Of course it lacks a lot of functionality and checks
> so be carefully and dont get surprised if something
> doesn't work. I haven't installed it on the IDE yet so
> I don't know how it does work.
> Jesus Reyes A.
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