[lazarus] Patch for the win32 interface

Karl Brandt pascalive at bol.com.br
Fri Nov 15 17:55:46 EST 2002

I'm sending a patch (really 2) for the win32 interface.

It Fixes:
  - the size of the forms (clientarea = windowarea, like in gtk interface)
  - one bug added when interface<>LCL circle was broken, that was 
preventing TButton to work
  - TListBox and TComboBox that is working partially now

Note: to make combobox work in win32, i had to modify 
TCustomComboBox.CreateHandle calling Assign method of the     interface 
stringlist, just like in TCustomListBox.CreateHandle.
   At first look it doesn't break the gtk interface.

I applied the patch in one fresh copy of  lcl (15 nov) and is running 
fine, if we can say this of the win32 port;-)
I hope the patch can be applied by someone 

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