[lazarus] Help with developing Lazarus

Patik Martin Martin.Patik at rg.siemens.cz
Wed Nov 20 06:12:21 EST 2002

/Of course you can just look into Delphis component palette and take one
/is not yet in lazarus. But since you asked me, here is my wish list for
/independent components:
/- Menu editor for the IDE: 
/  Does not sound like a component. But it probably is. All the 
/  people I asked came to the same solution:
/   The menu is always window manager specific and therefore
/   it is impossible to implement it in a useful way with the 
/   LCL components. So, the menu editor will need custom drawn 
/   components: TDesignerMenu, TDesignerMainMenu, 
/   TDesignerMenuItem, TDesignerPopupMenu, etc.
/   They will all be descendents of TCustomControl.
/ Mattias

This sounds very interesting to me. But I would like to have more
information about 
this "Menu editor". So if I tell you, that I will implement it, I need to
know the
style in which it schould be writen and which files are to be changed, which
schould be created as new files ... 

I would also like to know, how the updating of the lazarus source vode work.

For example : I've got the source code from the .tar file found on the
Lazarus web pages.
              I've it compiled. Now, if I change something in source, I
recompile it and
              works. This is good for developing it for me, becouse I don't
have the Internet
              at home :( . But when developing some part like the above
mentioned, I would need
              to have an advice (or opinion) to the code I write and also a
check if it is
              OK. So I would like to know, if would be the best to send the
changes via e-mail
              or to use some other method...

Thank you very much.


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