[lazarus] Updates

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sat Nov 23 08:49:09 EST 2002

Hi all,

I applied a patch from Vincent Snijders:

Attached is a patch or better couple of patches to implement timers for LCL.
I compiled lazarus & examples on linux with the attached patches and it
still works. On win32 some of the examples work, but for example
progressbar.exe does not work (it gives a access violation) and I am not
sure why. Maybe somehow a pointer get overwritten and is later on used. I
just don't know how I can find out.

I implemented the timer on win32 by making a hidden window, which reacts to
the wm_timer messages.

I left the gnome interface alone and untested.

List of changes:
- removed DoEvents from InterfaceBase and gtk and win32 decendants
- removed SetTimer and KillTimer from Interface-WinApi
- added CreateTimer and DestroyTimer to InterfaceBase and gtk and win32
decendants, CreateTimer takes as timer function of object as callback.
- application.handlemessage calls idle only if application is not
- customtimer: removed callback function and called CreateTimer and
DestroyTimer in interface.
- Adapted the gtk interface to implement CreateTimer and DestroyTimer
- Implemented CreateTimer and DestroyTimer in win32.
- Simplified WaitMessage in win32
- Made HandleEvents in win32 non-blocking.

I hope this does not break anything serious and you can apply this patch.


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