[lazarus] Developing win32

Martin Smat martin.smat at tiscali.cz
Sat Nov 30 08:37:20 EST 2002

Vincent Snijders wrote:

>Secondly I have problems writing a good windowproc.
>For example I have this window procedure to handle windows messages (see
>below). It only works if I comment out the assert, I don't understand why.
>If I don't comment out the assert in, I get an access violation when I
>create a window which uses this windowproc. Do I use the right calling
>convention (stdcall)? Are there some RTL-functions I may not use in a
>windowproc? Or is there somewhere else some memory corruption which shows up
>here. I just don't know enough of the win32 api. Very frustating.
>Vincent Snijders.
The stdcall convention is right.
For assertion support you must define your own AssertErrorProc procedure.
For more info read FPC documentation (file fpc\doc\prog\node3.html).
Lazarus defines this procedure in file lcl\utrace.pp.

Martin Smat.

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