[lazarus] GNOME 1.X Headers

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 7 10:55:37 EDT 2002

I have just finished the initial port of the GNOME 1.X headers. The libs 
translated thus far are libart_lgpl, libgnome, libgnomeui, and GConf 1.0.X. 
In addition I have translated Imlib/gdk_imlib, on account that it is 
required by Gnome 1. I have the basics working,  and I believe that 
virtually everything important has been done. I have skiped deprecated 
files, and anything which explicitly stated that it only worked on version > 
1.2. I have not bothered with GNOME 1.X headers yet, on account of the fact 
that GTK 2 hasn't been included in FPC, and as I don't know it very well 
yet. Once those two things have been taken care of I may start working on 
them, if someone else hasn't already done so.

What I have done needs to be packaged properly as FPC packages/package 
group, and I would really appreciate it if other people would be willing to 
help out by double-checking headers, as other eyes might catch what I have 
missed. Also all the files will need proper license/copyright headers added 
on, as thus far I haven't bothered with them much. I really don't know what 
else I to do on my own, so any help is appreciated. If this should be 
committed to FPC CVS let me know who to send the file to.

I you want to help out with making sure things are finished cleaned up and 
packaged properly, let e know so I can send you everything.

Once the GNOME packages are complete and part of FPC or the Lazarus tree, it 
will be possible to start working on a GNOME optimized version of Lazarus.


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