[lazarus] Cyrillization of LCL patch

Vasily I. Volchenko Vasily.Volchenko at mstu.edu.ru
Thu Oct 10 06:11:24 EDT 2002

It was too easy. Just GDK_cyrillic keys recoding to koi8-r. Two lines of
code. So, stripping high byte makes a koi8-r code from GDK key word. May
be, this will cure some more locales.
So, now synedit accept Russian keys, as OnKeyPress event works fine with
Russian keys.
In case of non-koi8 locale (e.g. Latin) and Russian keys it will give
high latins symbols (accents etc.), but why should anyone in latin
locale press keys in Russian keymap? More problems will be in cp1251
locale... But it is another problem.

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