[lazarus] Something like BPL files?

Tony Maro TonyM at nlisc.com
Sat Oct 12 19:16:39 EDT 2002

Back in Delphi 4 I was working on a huge game.  I made good use of .BPL files (similar to DLL's) that I could load and unload at runtime.  This enabled me to replace the game code while the game was running - but unlike a DLL, the BPL code had full access to object structures.  In fact, I was able to change the function of existing objects that were declared in a BPL that I was replacing.

I used this in a multiplayer RPG to facilitate upgrading the code without stopping the game.  It actually worked quite well.  I could get nonstop uptimes of weeks without fail, even while doing daily upgrades to the code.  I'd place a new version of the BPL - for instance the spells module - into a special location, log into the game as my superuser character, cast a special spell and the game would pause, unload the current spell module, move the new one into place and load it up.  Unlike a traditional MUD, I could actually create entirely new objects and load them into the game without kicking everyone out.

Is there a similar method with Lazarus / FPC?


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