[lazarus] Another tab display bug

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Thu Oct 24 01:24:07 EDT 2002

Well, in addition to lack of drag-select in the Lazarus edit window I
just learned that today's CVS has broken the tab page again.

My tab page will display all three tabs (Transfer tab should always be
hidden since it's not implemented yet) AND it will display the deposit
tab TWICE.  But if you click on the duplicate tab the app crashes.  I'm
not creating pages at runtime, so this is happening internal to the lcl

My complete application sources (in case you need them again) are
available at:

Now, I won't rule out that it's not triggered by something I did, but
since I compiled these successfully only two things have changed.

#1) I updated Lazarus from CVS tonight
#2) I cleaned up the files and added comment code

So, I doubt it's anything I did since I haven't actually changed code in
almost 24 hours.  Just to be sure it wasn't corrupt Lazarus files on my
part, I blew away my Lazarus directory and downloaded all the sources
again.  Didn't help.


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