[lazarus] Does LMEraseBkgnd message work?

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 24 17:28:50 EDT 2002

Tony Maro wrote:

> I'm trying to use:
> procedure TFrmAbout.LMEraseBkgnd(var message: TLMEraseBkgnd);
> begin
>   Message.Result := 0;
> end;
> to prevent the window from automatically blanking the background (for
> forms I'm drawing myself) and it doesn't seem to work.  You still get
> the cool gray flicker of the form.
> Thanks,
> Tony

This is probably GTK.

GTK Paint Background -> LCL paints background -> you paint background.

We can stop LCL, like you are trying to,  at least, I think it should 
work. I will have to double check. But I do not know of a way of 
stopping the GTK paint background. If double buffering were enabled you 
probably wouldn't even notice it but since it isn't...


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