[lazarus] Compile freezes up ??

Karl Brandt pascalive at bol.com.br
Thu Oct 24 23:47:25 EDT 2002

Andrew Johnson wrote:

>> graphicsmath.pp uses only Classes, SysUtils and Math, and when i try 
>> to compile it manually (alone) the same error occurs. I don't think 
>> that the error resides in  interdependent units
> No. this is definately a problem with overloaded operators. AFAIK all 
> definitions are valid, which means it has to be a compiler issue. 
> Since this does not occur at all in current versions of the 1.1 
> compiler, and from what I am understanding, only sometimes/with 
> certain versions of 1.0.7, I can only assume this is a problem in the 
> 1.0.6 compiler which has finally been fixed in later/more recent 
> versions of the compiler in CVS. I can only guess at this, but my 
> first thought is that it is
> operator := (TFloatPoint) : TPoint;
> that is causing this problem, so Karl, why don't you try disabling 
> this operator and see if it still happens. If it does, try disabling the
> operator := (TPoint) : TFloatPoint;

If i disable one of the two, the unit compiles fine.

> it may be that having both these definitions at the same time is 
> causing some sort of compiler loop in one of the routines which uses 
> TFloatPoint's (such as BezierMidPoint). I will see if I can't get an 
> old version of the compiler installed on another computer to test it 
> and compare with other versions and try and duplicate this bug.
> Andrew

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