OT: Re: [lazarus] Mandrake 9

John Zitterkopf zitt at bigfoot.com
Tue Oct 29 20:40:30 EST 2002

On 29 Oct 2002, andrew johnson wrote:

> It is. Oh is it ever. I thought KDE 1 was the worst, slowest thing ever.
> I was wrong. I thought pre-GNOME 1.0 was unstable. It looks the pinacle
> of stability next to 2.

Does anyone know if anyone has developed RPMs to replace Gnome2.0 w/ a
better V1.x version on Gnome?

I installed Mandrake9 myself; but quickly went back (I had a backup copy)
to Mandrake 8.2 because Gnome2 suxed so bad.

Does anyone have experience compiling Gnome1.x and know where I could get
the complete sources?

I really wanted to use Mv8, but won't until Gnome2.x is equal or better
than 1.x.


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