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Jesus Reyes jesusrmx at yahoo.com.mx
Wed Oct 30 20:40:16 EST 2002

Ok, here is the code I'm working at, it is a grid in a
very preeliminar state but I only want to show the
TextRect problem, to see it do the following.

1). Select Cell col=2, row=1 ( Cell[2,1] )
2). Press F2
3). Write "This is a long string of text"
4). Press ENTER
    -the text should span thru 2 more cells
5). Select Cell[3,1]
6). Press F2 and Write "HERE" an then ENTER

The Text at Cell[2,1] Should be clipped, but it
doesn't (at least in my box).

Now, Toggle the checkbox to test a substitute of
TextRect. (you should navigate on the grid so it gets

Jesus Reyes A.

--- andrew johnson <acjgenius at earthlink.net> escribió:
> On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 01:13
> "Jesus Reyes" wrote:
> > By the way, TextRect has problems when
> TextStyle.Clipped=true  I think
> > because it does not restore the clip region.
> I haven't done extensive testing but I just looked
> at the code, and before 
> the clipping is set we back up the DC with SaveDC,
> and when we are done we 
> restore it with RestoreDC so if there IS a problem
> it is not in DrawText.
> Could you please elaborate on what the problem
> actually is?
> Andrew
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