[lazarus] Anyone want to help with documentation?

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Tue Sep 3 17:13:37 EDT 2002

Markku Niskanen wrote:

>>any kind of tool persay. I would just give you the SQL dump of the 
>>database and you would load it into your database locally. You could add 
> Why make it this complicated? If the material is already in a MySQL
> database all that is needed is a bunch of PHP scripts to get direct access
> to the database with updates/inserts. If the records contain timestamps
> everybody could be able to check the versions as well. Restricting access
> with login/password is no problem, either, I've done it.
> Dumping the database to several people and returning the changed
> data will become a mess if there are more than one people involved.

Somehow this has gotten all confused.


I AM writing the direct access to the MySQL database via PHP and a web 
page. This is to allow for anyone to do dynamic updates to the 
documentation database. That was never an issue. This is being done.

However, Danie Brink asked the following question:

   "Could a tool be written to create documentation localy" ... "I only
   have a internet connection at work, and at my friend for now."

All of the SQL dump stuff was for his and ONLY his benefit to allow him 
to work OFFLINE.

The main database work is to be done ONLINE.

Are we straight on this now???

Now Danie I am confused by your response.

 > "Yup, that will work, but I like Markku's Sugestion better."

Markku's suggestion is what I original stated in my first email. You 
said that you don't have internet access and that is why I was mention 
the other things for you. Are you now saying that you have no problem 
updating the database from the internet?????

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