[lazarus] AV on messagedialogs?

Michal Bukovjan bukovjan at mbox.dkm.cz
Tue Sep 3 17:58:23 EDT 2002


today Lazarus started crashing on MessageDialogs (or it may have crashed 
always and surfaced to me only today). Using fpc 1.0.6, GTK+ backend. 
Here are some clues:

1) It manifests itself sometimes (rarely) in messagedialogs example
2) It manifests itself always in the following scenarion:

- start lazarus (new project opens)
- type something into the unit edit window, so that the unit file changes
- try to close Lazarus (either choose quit or try to close its window)
- when asked to save the file, choose Cancel
- try to close Lazarus again -> crash

3) If I close the dialog via Window Manager (right click on the titlebar 
and choose Close), the crash does not occur and I can try to close 
Lazarus many times. This could perhaps mean that the crash happens / can 
be attributed to clicked signal handling and form destroy?

I found that it perhaps crashes during the dialog show, but was unable 
to find more yet, as gdb was not of much help. This looks like dangling 
pointers or memory overwriting to me.
This could be related to the other errors reported here.
Does anyone know of a decent memory debugger like valgrind for Free Pascal?


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