TToolButton and TMenuItem (Was: Re: [lazarus] Win32 and TToolButton)

Keith Bowes keith_bowes at
Wed Sep 4 00:36:46 EDT 2002

>From: "Markus Lüdin"<markus at>
>I tried to make the Win32 ToolBar work and the problem I found is the 
>When you try to create a TToolButton it fails and keeps trying until it 
>That happens because under Windows you don't get a Handle for a ToolButton 
>LCL ToolButton is inherited from TWinControl and because of that it keeps 
>to create the ToolButton because the Handle is 0...
>So either we change the LCL ToolButton and ToolBar so that the ToolButtons 
>accesed by a handle (i.e. not inherited by TWinControl) but by the Index 
>or the command....or we have to try to make hack where we place a regular 
>on the ToolBar, if that is possible.

Cool, I'm glad you figured that out.  I could never figure out what caused 
the endless loop.  The same thing happened with TMenuItem; you can check the 
hacky, subadequate way I create menus in the TWin32Object.CreateComponent 

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