[lazarus] Anyone want to help with documentation?

Markku Niskanen markku.niskanen at iki.fi
Wed Sep 4 02:45:14 EDT 2002

On Tue, 03 Sep 2002 17:22:52 -0400, you wrote:

>That is why I really don't want to do it any other way then a web page 
>that accesses the MySQL database letting you add/modify the database 
>content. Then the only chance of a mess up is if two people happen to be 

There are a couple of things that popped into my mind immediately:

1) Simple authorization system of some sort - only people with
access level Z or Y could be able to send material.

2) A "Commit" feature for the moderator to accept/update/compare several
pieces of information.

These features are fairly simple to produce. Additionally, I think that
with some reseach one could very easily find an open source  PHP/MySQL
project with almost the same goals as the problem we are talking about
is fairly common.

What I have just finished is a time reservation system with three levels
of users: Normal users that can reserve resources, administrators that
accept the reservations and new users and a superuser account. Nothing
fancy, just a few extra flags in the database a few lines of code in every
script. Our next project is a simple Content Management System that
has the same type of ideology.

A few hours of work here might save dozens of hours of extra work

markku.niskanen at iki.fi

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