[lazarus] CVS updates

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Sep 5 12:48:23 EDT 2002

> > 
> > Playing with default extensions, I recently switched from .pas to .pp.
> > So in my /tmp directory, both unit1.pas and unit1.pp existed, unit1.pas 
> > was obsolete, but still there, and when compiling, unit1.pas took 
> > precedence over unit1.pp - therefore this error.
> > 
> > So question is, how to solve this? This will potentially confuse users...
> 1. Add a checkbox to the environment options to automatically remove ambigious pascal files on save.
> 2. Before compiling, all project files are checked for ambigious files and warnings are added to the messages.
> This is quite easy, I will do that ...

Note that FPC prefers pp over pas! 

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