[lazarus] Finished my first project (YAY!)

Tony Maro TonyM at nlisc.com
Fri Sep 6 13:35:13 EDT 2002

Well, first I downloaded the ELF binaries of the Free Pascal Compiler (14 MB).  I installed those using the included script and took all the defaults.

Next, I used Ximian's red-carpet to download and install the pixbuf package(s) because I didn't already have that installed.  Use your favorite RPM source to do that...

Initially I used the single download snapshot of Lazarus, but I dumped that in favor of the CVS edition because of how fast it's changing.  If you've never used CVS it's not that hard and the Lazarus website tells you exactly what to do.  However, their webpage says use "SET CVSROOT..." and my shell required me to do "EXPORT CVSROOT..." instead.

Once downloaded, just cd into the lazarus directory and type "make".

Once made, run ./lazarus

Go to the Environment menu, General Options, Files and enter "/usr/local/src/fpc-1.0.6" into the FPC Source Directory field.

For me, after that everything worked (with a few other glitches that I caused myself because of not knowing the above steps...)

Good luck!

A few other tips... save your project somewhere immediately after creating it.  Save often as well, before I got the latest CVS version I had crashes about every 5 minutes.  Renaming units and forms will sometimes cause issues, so it's a good idea to name them what you want before doing any coding.


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