[lazarus] New component...

Michal Bukovjan bukovjan at mbox.dkm.cz
Sun Sep 8 04:44:51 EDT 2002

Tony Maro wrote:

>>if its a control which is expected to be part of the LCL 
>>anyway, you can 
>>send it into someone who can add to CVS. I think it should go 
>>in CVS, since 
>>Delphi, if not Kylix, has a DateTimePicker component.. 
>Mmm... Probably not.  It's a cool control, but the ultimate goal is to
>make it data aware once that's a possibility, so there would be major
>changes - or at least a new ancestor.  I've also made it optional to
>"Americanize" dates (MM-DD-YYYY like any good human would do! ;-) and
>offer different separators (MM/DD/YYYY).  I'll post the unit to my
>website soon and let you guys decide.  It uses a Tcalender within it,
>and I'm not quite happy with how that component functions in some ways,
>so I might just copy over much of the Tcalendar code into a new object
>and start it fresh (or at least inherit a different object from it, but
>I think that may be dangerous considering the development status.)  I
>haven't used Delphi since V4, and there was no datepicker in it.  It's
>also still got an issue that I can't get fsstayontop or showmodal to
>work to make it stay on top!
So why not make both data and non-data aware control?
On the other issue: if you are not satisfied about TCalendar, feel free 
to communicate what you need to change, or do it yourself, if possible, 
and send patches. Code duplication is not the best idea, IMHO - we 
should improve (or rewrite, if need be) what is available. We are aware 
that a lot of areas need improvements, TCalendar included.

>>1.) Put the Source File in the LCL directory
>..... Snip .....
>>8.) make clean all
>Wow!  Well, I will certainly try that (except the diff part - that's
>over my head.  But I can always redownload the CVS if I screw it up.)
>But, I'd recommend accelerating the development of this feature.  Think
>about all the user created components for Delphi.  I think Lazarus is
>finally reaching a stage where user generated components could quickly
>take off.  I'm already working to convert the components I wrote years
>ago.  Well, all except the TDirectXPanel I did - LOL!  If I'm using the
>CVS downloads and want to update - well there goes all my component
>install changes, I assume.
The patch things is not really difficult, really. If you want to make a 
patch of your modification against current CVS tree, just do this 
command from the toplevel directory:

cvs diff -u [files...] > my_patch_filename.patch

you don't have to specify filenames, you may specify directories as 
well, or nothing at all, in which case all subdirectories and files in 
current directory will be examined for differences against current CVS tree.





or search Google.

And of course, if you need to apply your patch do a:

patch -p0 -i [my_patch_file.patch]

and that's about it.


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