[lazarus] TRadioButtons

Barry Samuels lazarus at beenthere-donethat.org.uk
Sun Sep 8 10:26:44 EDT 2002

I sent the following to the list over an hour ago and the mailing 
instructions say that the default is for me to receive a copy of my own 
mail back. I haven't yet received my own mail back so I am assuming that 
my mailing wasn't accepted because the address given was slightly 
different from that which I used to subscribe. If this results in two 
copies received on the list then I apologise.

I have set up a form containing two TGroupBoxes each containing a group
of TRadioButtons.

As I understand it the Radio Buttons in each GroupBox should be
independent of each other to the extent that selecting a Radio Button
in one GroupBox should not affect the status of Radio Buttons in the
other Group Box.

However this is not the case as all Radio Buttons behave as if they
were in only one group. For example clicking a Radio Button in
GroupBox1 will unset any Radio Buttons in GroupBox2.

I want, as previously mentioned, two independent groups. How can I
achieve this?

All advice is appreciated.

Barry Samuels

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