[lazarus] New component TMCalEdit

Tony Maro tonym at nlisc.com
Sun Sep 8 19:33:13 EDT 2002

First, I apologize if any list e-mails to me have bounced today- we had
an extended power outage at the office and the UPS shut down my servers,
including mail, for > 4 hours.  Top that off with one of the main
switches failing to work afterwards...

I've just posted my new component of a TEdit descendant that when
double-clicked drops down a calendar for choosing a date.  


Screenshots, a detailed description and source code are at that URL.

I have a problem that the calendar won't stay on top (even when modal
and/or fsstayontop set).  It also doesn't get the lost focus event if
you click to another window.  Anybody have an idea why?  It worked fine
in Delphi...


Tony Maro

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