[lazarus] New component TMCalEdit

Tony Maro tonym at nlisc.com
Mon Sep 9 09:58:59 EDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-09-09 at 09:46, Andrew Johnson wrote:

> Usually for a control like this calendar, the excepted way on Windows is to 
> make a borderless stay on top window for the Calendar itself(like Combobox 
> drop down etc.), and using GDK Popup Window is almost the same, as this is 
> what is used for  Combobox's and Menu's etc internally in GTK.
> Using the set Parent Window routines etc, it is possible to make a form 
> always stay on top of its parent window as well, and eventually I may try to 
> do this to try and make a fsStayOnTop where a form will always try and stay 
> on top of the other forms within an Application Hierarchy. If we were to do 
> this, and state that when fsStayOnTop and bsNone then use GDKPopup, we might 
> be able to fake this behaviour most of the time...

Well, with the fix of the lost focus event in Lazarus, the point is moot
as far as this control goes anyway - I've changed my code appropriately
where it now closes itself if it loses focus, which was the plan
originally.  My fsstayontop and modal attempts were attempts at
workarounds for the event not firing.

Since that now works I've removed the close button and shrunk the whole
calendar a bit.  New code at same location.  Now I'm on to the next

However, I can still see dire need soon for a form that will at least
stay on top of it's parent form.  Even a modal form didn't do that...


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