[lazarus] TStringGrid

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Sep 9 12:28:15 EDT 2002

> Actually I was involved in those posts... that is what fixed the mysql
> unit for me.  Now though the DB objects and mysqldb component will just
> do "internal error" anytime I try to use them.
> But, like I said the mysql unit itself with all of it's mysql calls
> works just fine.  It's the data aware objects that croak on me now.  I
> do have a somewhat mismashed FPC though since I can't figure out how to
> recompile my FPC from the CVS edition.  I'm still on 1.0.6 but using the
> mysql unit from the CVS.

For *nix there is nothing simpler than that.

Do an update, fix other things you want in the tree, make sure ppc386 is in
your path, and do a 

make all install  OPT="-OG3p3"

in the fpc/ directory. 
For win32 you have to be more careful. Make sure that the first dir in your
path is FPC's, and not CYGWIN, otherwise the compiler will try to use the
cygwin's binutils.

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