[lazarus] Updates

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Tue Sep 10 04:51:14 EDT 2002


I committed some updates from Andrew.

WARNING: do NOT use the IDE for loading images/Glyphs.. it will try and save
them but usually incorectly, which can kill lazarus or program on next load..
(You have to edit the lfm file manually if you do)

    -improvements to the TWinControl AutoSizing code
    -Minor Fixes to TStatusbar drawing
    -Implemented TControlScrollBar basics
    -Implemented TScrollingWinControl, w/AutoScrolling support
       NOTE: this does not work under Win32 yet, any volunteers welcome!
    -Inherited TScrollBox from TScrollingWinControl, and moved to Forms
    -Implemented basic version of TBitmap.WriteStream, needs Work

  -GTK Interface
    -GetObject routine, more accurately retrieves Bitmap Information
    -gdiBitmaps all now have an internal Visual, and colormap
    -Pixmap/Bitmap now have initial support for multiple depths
    -CreateBitmap tries to load Bitmap Data using GDKPixbufLoader, only 
    -GetDIBits & GetBitmapBits have been partially implemented for 24 bit 
    -TScrollBox now uses a GTK Layout, and has partial support for Scrolling
       TControls(BTW Mattias Thanks for the offset code, it mostly works)
    -Misc other fixes/improvements

  -Win32 Interface
    -Added GetDIBits, GetBitmapBits, & CreateDIBSection

Until DIB loading/Saving has been finished under GTK, LoadFromStream will not
load most .bmp properly. For this reason it may be to your advantage, to use
TBitmap.LoadFromXPMFile, instead of LoadFromFile, or better yet(shameless plug)
help finish this rather complex set of routines. ;-)


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