[lazarus] TStringGrid

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 10 09:38:52 EDT 2002

On 09 Sep 2002 10:36:28 -0400
Tony Maro <tonym at nlisc.com> wrote:

>Good because despite Florian's promptings, it's over my head... ;-P

I just took a look, and while its not entirely over my head, (and really on 
a basic level I am sure you could do it too, given enough time) I don't see 
any easy way to implement it such that it can be source compatible with the 
Win32 interface, so it looks like its a no go in that direction(clist). I 
took a look at the Delphi help files, and it looks like in Delphi 
TCustomGrid is a TCustomControl, or some such, aka, its all internally drawn 
by Delphi.. this means there really isn't a way to reproduce it properly 
using Win32 routines, thus, we need to make TCustomGrid ourselves.. since it 
has child Scrollbars it might make sense to inherit it from 
TScrollingWinControl, once it has drawing support finished. Until then, it 
is really a major pain to try and make one which is compatible and feature 
filled enough to support a TStringGrid, and later data aware descendant. I 
will see how hard it would be too create a custom TStringGrid with minimal 
support from scratch.. aka draw a basic grid, with a TString for each 
column. have an internal TEdit whith attached on Key press etc., and have 
the ability to attach two scrollbars, where onscroll increases/decreases 
leftmost/topmost entry. etc.., once that is done we will have a start toward 
making a proper grid, and in the mean time you might be able to make it work 
for you... (BTW, I notice this thread has really strayed from the orginal 
topic ;)


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