[lazarus] TStringGrid

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 10 18:26:15 EDT 2002

On 10 Sep 2002 17:03:40 -0400
Tony Maro <tonym at nlisc.com> wrote:

>How do I make ONE of the two scroll bars on a TScrollingWinControl not
>display?  I don't need the horizontal bar... and setting the
>self.VertScrollBar.visible:=false did nothing...

That is a very good question.. I have no idea.. I thought I had it fixed, 
but I must of unfixed it... So I guess the short answer is. you don't for 
right now... and of the course the other answer is - fix 
TScollingWinControl/TControlsScrollBar code.... hehe, your really pushing me 
here.. That code only got comitted early this morning/last night.. I'll see 
if I can't figure out what's up.. but if I do fix it it may still be a few 
days before it gets commited... My priority is still Bitmap/DIB streaming. 
TScrollingWidget was a SideStep to get  TPicture/TPixmap property editors to 
look right. But  I will take a quick look into it right now.


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