[lazarus] TStringGrid

Tony Maro tonym at nlisc.com
Wed Sep 11 09:34:42 EDT 2002

On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 23:21, Andrew Johnson wrote:
> Well that's... bizzare.. I don't seem to have such issues, persay. but.. I 

Well, perhaps I'm just implementing wrong... but I don't see how.

> do you mean the ThumbSize? If so, nope.. couldn't figure out how, and it 

Yeah, that's it!  LOL  Oh well - not important if I can just get the
range to work right.

> Can you send me directly what you have thus far? If I have your existing 
> code it may make it easier to track down and implement these features in 
> Custom Drawn controls, etc.. it will certainly make figuring out the extra 
> 200 easier.. and if I think there is hope for modifying it, I may use it to 
> start a basic TCustomGrid,  this way we can take those things which apply 
> from your code and add them to CVS, so that at least some of the steps will 
> be in place for a real TStringGrid.( I  looked around but couldn't find any 
> worthwhile Freeware Components outt here as they all inherit from 
> TCustomGrid)

I had looked as well being the lazy programmer I am... ;-)  However
regarding making a TCustomGrid from mine, I doubt it - I've made it
very, very custom to be for a checkbook register.  Of course the
concepts are similar though.

> BTW, within TScrollBox, I have AutoScroll, and Turning on/off the scrollbars 
> working on my system. If I get a chance to make sure it doesn't break 
> functionality, or screw anything up I will send the fixes in with my next 
> Patch.  probably over the weekend when I have more time.

Ah - cool.  Is this to say that the AutoScroll property isn't working in
my CVS?  Could that be the root of the problem?  I've turned off
AutoScroll so I could handle the ranges myself and get these weird

My test project and unit source are at:




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